Wetland Tours

Sunday (Mother’s Day!) May 12
Tour the Cumberland Wetlands with experienced naturalists! Each tour is offered in the morning and again in the afternoon.
Tours are not suitable for baby strollers


Cumberland Chinatown

10:00 Gwyn Sproule
Following the Wellington Colliery rail grade this tour passes through the site of historic Chinatown, past several beaver dams and a large permanent wetland. This pond is a stopping point for many aquatic birds. We will then continue on to the site of Number One Japanese Town. See how humans and beavers have formed this beautiful wetland.

2:00 Leah Balin
For the Chinatown wetlands tour we will investigate the history of the wetlands and how they have changed over time by examining the soils and plants and other indicators of change, and then discuss potential mechanisms for change such as beaver and development. We will also take a look at some of the fish and wildlife in and around the wetlands and discuss what makes these wetlands good habitat for them and what threatens the quality their habitat.

Meeting location: Coal Creek Historic Park parking lot, Comox Lake road just past Cumberland.


Morrison creek headwaters

Morrison Creek, whose springs and wetlands lie within the outer reaches of Cumberland and which flows through area C ending at Puntledge Park
near downtown Courtenay, sports a weird creature: the Morrison Creek Lamprey which lives nowhere else on Earth. Out of some 40 species of
lamprey globally, three live in Morrison Creek. This amazing stream also supports strong wild salmon runs, healthy trout populations and many unusual aquatic species. The Headwaters is key to the health and biodiversity of the whole Morrison system. Join us to learn more about this wild and unique area.

Tour leaders:
10:00 Jim Palmer
2:00 Jan Gemmell

Meeting location: Bevan Road at the Pidgeon Lake Road junction

maple lake krista.jpg

maple lake Wetlands

Maple Lake, a hidden gem in the Cumberland wetlands, supports a wide array of flora and fauna but is best known by local trout fishers. This mostly flat walk will follow the northern perimeter of the lake with a few viewpoints at waters edge with a talk on wildlife viewing. Beyond the 20-hectare lake there are wetlands and marshes that drain into Maple Creek, which feeds into the Trent River. There are sticklebacks in the lake, and it is well stocked with rainbow trout and cutthroat trout. Birders can check the water for ducks such as Hooded Mergansers, Mallards and Lesser Scaup. Sometimes Trumpeter Swans are seen here.

Walk leader Bruce Moffat is a local wildlife photographer and member of Comox Valley Nature who has explored and documented Maple Lake wildlife for the last 3 years. 

10:00 Bruce Moffat
2:00 Bruce Moffat
Meeting location: Maple Lake parking lot at the end of Minto Road. Parking is limited so you may have to park on Minto road.