Dr. Loys Maingon

A graduate of the universities of St. Andrews, UBC, and Saskatchewan, Dr. Loys Maingon first taught environmental studies in 1986. He was the Canada ISO Chair for Water Quality Sampling from 2008-2012. Given his inter-disciplnary background he is a permanent outside reader and reviewer for publishing houses, BC Book World and The Ormsby Review. An avid naturalist and a professional biologist, he is past president of the Comox Valley Naturalists and current webinarhost for the Canadian Society of Environmental Biologists, as well as Secretary for the Association of Professional Biologists of BC. He has written extensively and contributes a quarterly column to the Bulletin of Canadian Environmental Biologists. From his home on the Tsolum River near Merville, he owns and operates an endangered plant nursery and oversees a number of regional conservation programmes. He is currently Research Director for the Strathcona Wildereness Institute and an enthusiastic member of "No Fly Climate Sci" (https://noflyclimatesci.org/). Arrested at Clayoquot Sound in 1991, Loys remains a strong advocate of social, economic, and environmental change. He contributed a chapter to Clayoquot & Dissent (Ronsdale: 1994), which was a runner-up for BC Books.